About me

When I started writing Half ‘n Half for the Prague Monitor in the autumn of 2007, I had no idea that a decade later, I’d be still writing. I wanted a way to communicate the cultural differences (and similarities) that I observed while living in the Czech Republic with my Czech husband and children, Anna Lee (12), Oliver (10) and Samuel (7).

Recently, one of my adult English students commented, “Sometimes I think you don’t know where you belong, in the Czech Republic, or in the US.” She’s  right. Although my American heritage is strong, after years of living here, I have adapted to life in the Czech Republic, and I’m sometimes torn where to call home.

I hope you enjoy these stories about my experiences living in the Czech Republic.


2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Loved the article. It looks like you have some advertisements. I am so backward on technology. Is this your new site. Love to all. We head home after a little shopping. Love dad

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Life in the Czech Republic with my Czech-American family

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